Himshagor Mango Satkhira

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  • Garden Fresh Himshagor Mango
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“Allah has made business lawful and usury is forbidden.”
Dear brothers and friends, Sumist Ashbihin Himsagar mangoes of Satkhira are famous all over the world. In our country, especially in the northern and northern districts, mangoes do not grow as misty and ashy.

That is why every year the residents of these districts are forced to buy mangoes at 2/3 times the retail price in their own markets. We @ebponi bring you the opportunity to buy mangoes at very low prices.

We are not able to tell you the price per kg so as not to have to read the prices in the mouth of competing traders. I am sorry for this. If you give us your mobile number in the inbox, we will give you the details by calling you.

If you don’t know about Satkhira mangoes, you can understand by doing a little Google search. And since our mangoes can be seen in the video, they will be removed from the garden, so there is no question of giving formalin. Because normally mangoes stay fresh for 12-15 days after ripening.

You are watching our whole process video from picking our mangoes to your hands, and if you have any questions, you can comment, or inbox us your opinion, or mobile number.

I will try to increase the quality of our service based on your thoughtful opinion, Inshallah.
“The challenge that you may prove to us in the arena of judgment with honest traders.”
Everyone is fine and healthy. Allah is Hafez


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