Md Shahadat Hossain Digital Marketing Trainer SEO Consultant

Md Shahadat Hossain

Md Shahadat Hossain

Profession: Digital Marketing Trainer

Home District: Satkhira, Khulna Division, Bangladesh – 9400.

Email –

Mobile +880 1 965 77 60 11

Work Experience: 10+ Years of Digital Marketing

About Md Shahadat Hossain

When I started my digital marketing career the time was 2012.  The internet facilities of our country (Bangladesh) were not suitable.

I was struggling hard to find the oversies clients for freelancing work.

Now, today is the right time for freelancing activities. I have learned so many things from my mistakes. I have captured more than 250+ clients all over the world. 

My main Expertise in SEO I mean search engine optimization. If you search on SERP “Who is the best digital Marketer in Bangladesh?”.

Voice search it. Surely you will get me the very first position on the Google SERP. Have a look.

Md Shahadat Hossain Google SERP Result

My Expetise in Search Enginee

Today, the search engine is the top-class factor for every business. If you can grab it for your business purpose. You will have a vast chance to increase your sales.

I am actually a voice search specialist. I have completed so many task over this topic on freelancing marketplace. 

Socail Media Marketing Task

Social Media is one of the important platforms to transform your business. 

Having a data-driven digital marketer I know how to set a target audience for a particular niche. Have a look at the screenshot.

You can depend me for the best result.

I also can set the best demographical interest behavior too.

 Here, I just spend $2 and get 40+ messaging conversion for the real estate company. 

No, I actually do not take any fee for the consultancy. It is absolutely free for 15 minutes over the phone.

It is true that no one can give you a guaranty about the service. But, if you check my previous history I believe you will get a comprehensive answer.

No, don’t warry I will not take or you should not give the full permission of your property. To get details about it you have to contact me over the phone. Thats it. Very simple.

Remamber, I am Md Shahadat Hossain is the data-driven Digital Marketing & SEO Expert in Bangladesh. I have vast experience in this particular field. I have promoted many clients’ businesses so why not you?

Today, every business sector or community is under the web. If you miss this opportunity your competitor may go ahead of you. So, don’t let go of this huge opportunity today!

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