Winning Digital Marketing Course In Bangladesh

digital marketing course in Bangladesh
digital marketing course in Bangladesh

Today digital marketing is the most tentative and demanding course in Bangladesh. But, people do not know how to start, or where to go to learn the course. In this article, I will try to cover the full and complete guidelines with the following topics. So, now tide your sit and take a cup of tea or copy. I will request you to read the full article so that you can get a proper comprehensive solution about the subject.

This Digital Marketing Training Program provides a detailed understanding of Digital Marketing concepts, strategies
and implementation, including planning a website, website promotion, email, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
campaigns and integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing

Covering best practices and using case studies throughout, the session offers a practical guide to the core techniques in
digital marketing. Online tools and reference materials are highlighted throughout, enabling delegates to leave with
solid hands-on knowledge.

Digital Marketing Training Course Materials

At the very beginning to get the proper guideline on this topic very first step is to follow the training module. You can check it from the particular website that you are going to about your course start.

Now, you also should check the class duration. I mean when to start, where to finish. When the class will begin. How many students can participate in the course?

I am inserting for you a demo course module for you. Have a look at this digital marketing course.

Class /
1Digital Media Basics✓ Introduction to Digital Marketing
✓ How to structure your marketing plan
✓ How to segment your audience
✓ How to segment your channels
2Website Optimization as a
✓ SEO Basic
✓ How Keywords and SEO work
✓ SEO Opportunities
✓ Tools and Resources
3SEO✓ How the website should look from Marketing point of view
✓ Content Structure
✓ How to Audit
✓ Tools and Resources
4Link Building✓ Best and Smart Practice of Link Building
✓ Competitor Analysis
✓ Tools and Resources
✓ Back Link Create
✓ Home Work
5Social Media ✓ Social Media Marketing (Organic)
✓ How Social Media works
✓ Opportunities
✓ Why Content Goes Viral?
✓ Tools and Resources
✓ Audience Research
✓ Twitter Marketing
✓ Linkedin Marketing
6Facebook marketing✓ Business Manager Account Creation and Ad Account Set up
✓ Pixel Setup
✓ Ad Creation
✓ Tools and Resource
7Email Marketing✓ Email Marketing Concept
✓ Lead Collection
✓ Email Best Practice
✓ Segmentation Strategy
8Email Outreach✓ Email Campaign Setup
✓ Report and Analysis
✓ Home Work
9Google Analytics ✓ Analytics and Webmaster Tool Basic
✓ Goal and Event Tracking
✓ Advance Practice
✓ Backlink Analysis
✓ Data Analysis
10Google PPC Campaign✓ Google Adwords Basic
✓ Why Adwords
✓ Live Campaign Setup
✓ Best Practice
✓ Tools and Resources
11Youtube Marketing✓ Why Video Marketing?
✓ YouTube Content Creation
✓ Keyword Research
✓ Tools and Resources
12Youtube SEO✓ YouTube Ranking Factors
✓ Research and Analysis
✓ Conversion Related Tips, Quick Money Generate Tips
✓ Home Work
13Email Marketing✓ Difference Between Email and SMS Marketing
✓ Similarity Between Email and SMS Marketing
✓ Best converting SMS
✓ Strategy for Long Run
✓ Home Work
14Blogging ✓ How to be viral With Content
✓ Advantage of Blogging
✓ How to Generate more Shares and Engagements
✓ Home Work
15Passive Income✓ How Can We Earn as a Digital Marketer
✓ What is Passive Income
✓ What Next?
✓ Exam
16Affiliate Marketing✓ Speech-01: Affiliate Marketing Basics
✓ Speech-02: Kick Start Your Business
✓ Speech-03: Finding the best Topic/ Industry
✓ Speech-04: Your Affiliate Marketing Website setup
✓ Speech-05: Google AdSense
17CPA Marketing✓ Cpalead
✓ Cpagrip
✓ Maxbounty
✓ ClickDealer
✓ Adworkmedia
18Freelancing Marketplace✓ Upwork
✓ Freelancer
✓ Teespring
✓ PeoplePerHour
✓ guru
19Out Of Marketplace ✓ How the website should look from a Marketing point of view
✓ Content Structure
✓ How to Audit
✓ Tools and Resources

What Type of Service You Can Provide After Completing The Digital Marketing Course

Facebook Marketing Services:

  1. facebook’s way of marketing
    2. Facebook business page creation
    3. Facebook organic marketing
    4. Facebook boosting
    5. Facebook page booster
    6. Facebook content creator
    7. Facebook image and text editing
    8. Facebook group creation
    9. Facebook page creation
    10. Facebook ads creation
    11. Find the perfect audience
    12. Facebook profile creation
    13. Facebook consultancy about fb ads

Digital Marketing Course Questions:

Keyword Research Questions:

  1. What is keyword research and how does it work?
  2. What are the short-tail and long-tail keywords?
  3. What should you follow before researching keywords?
  4. Write some keyword research tools.
  5. Write some keyword research browser extensions.
  6. What is the LSI keyword?
  7. What keyword we should target initial stage of marketing?
  8. What is competitive analysis?
  9. What are the competition analysis steps of keywords?
  10. What is DA & PA?

Content Writing Service in Real Life:

  • Content Writing jobs
  • Seo-friendly content writing
  • Content Writing and translation
  • Youtube content Writing
  • Amazon content writing
  • Social media content writer
  • website content writer
  • Blog content writer
  • Sports content writer
  • Gaming content writer
  • Real Estate content writer
  • Website content writer
  • Lawer content writing

Graphic Design for Digital Marketing:

  1. What is color theory?
  2. What color should we work in as digital marketers?
  3. What is the color palette?
  4. Write foreground and background colors.
  5. What is branding color?
  6. How to implement branding color in design?
  7. What are gradient colors and their code?
  8. What is minimalistic design?
  9. How to use font for the minimalistic design?
  10. What is font pairing?
  11. What is the layout for the design?
  12. How you will create a design post-eye catchy?
  13. How to check the AI of a design?
  14. What is a social media image gridline?
  15. What percentage we should maintain for social media posts?
  16. What is image optimization?
  17. How to check the duplicate of copywrite images?
  18. What is a geotagging image?

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